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Shinko Roshi and the Five Goddesses

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Shinko Roshi, the subject of my latest column for Buddhistdoor, talks about her journey through Zen to invocations of the Five Goddesses. Here's the link:

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Kalyanamitra volume II contents

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Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford has just sent me the table of contents for volume II of her Buddhist chaplaincy textbook, Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care. We are aiming for editing to be completed in June, which means it will be published this summer, 2021! Here's what will be inside: Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual CareVolume II: Praxis Table of ContentsDedication / Acknowledgements / Introduction   Chapter 1: Pragmatic Skills for Every Context           Presence          Not Being Present        Being Present in Meditation & Daily Life          Being Present in Spiritual Care Being Present for Yourself: Reflexivity Listening & Responding           Not Listening   Listening         Responding Appropriately        Responding to Difficulty          Empathy & Compassion           On Being Open-HeartedFour Divine Abodes     Empathic...

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Please start the clock again on my 15 minutes of fame

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In which I'm profiled along with illustrious Zen teachers.

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The Zen Priestess and the Snake in Boulder in November!

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Here's the Boulder Bookstore book launch website: A $5 ticket for this virtual event gets you $5 off the price of the book. And here's their Facebook page for the event: And here's the poster:

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Mountains and Rivers Sutra reflections

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Dōgen's Mountains and Rivers Sutra has been a central Zen text since its publication in the 13th century. There's a long history here of study and practice. In this latest reflection, SFZC teacher emeritus Zoketsu Norman Fischer's commentary on the sutra is organized as 52 weeks of focused attention by Kuya Minogue, resident teacher at the Creston Zen Centre in British Columbia. Tricycle Magazine recently featured an article about the book, published by Sumeru earlier this year, along with reflections on several other companion books on the same topic. Here's the link:

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