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PEI approves 120-hectare Buddhist monastery for nuns

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From Buddhistdoor... The provincial government of Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Canada has approved plans for the construction of a 120-hectare monastery in PEI municapilty of Brudenell. The monastery complex, which will be able to house up to 1,400 nuns, is a project of the Great Wisdom Buddhist Institute (GWBI), led by Master Zhen-Ru and focused on nurturing the study and practice of Buddhist nuns. Full story here:

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First International Buddhist Bhikkuni Forum Toronto 2018

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First International Buddhist Bhikkuni Forum May 26-27, 2018 OISE, University of Toronto, 252 Bloor Street West Here is the press release... This is our first international forum bringing together Buddhist practitioners and scholars of Buddhism, with a focus of exploring and encouraging the involvement of women in the practice and teaching of Buddhism.  By discussing the unique experiences of women who practise Buddhism around the world, we hope to find ways to support fellow practitioners on their various paths. For more information, please visit  Website: In 21st century, the ancient wisdom of the East, like a thousand-petalled lotus blooming with...

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Canadian Buddhism, eh?

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Canadian Buddhism, eh? Well, that's an interesting topic for contemplation. Here's a review of Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women that just came out from Buddhistdoor: As the reviewer, Caitlyn Dwyer, notes...there is a wide variety of topics and styles in the anthology, and no particular ideological agenda. "The volume as a whole feels like a Canadian conversation, with women across the Buddhist spectrum reaching out to peers, offering wisdom, pooling experiences, creating a baseline of storytelling and teaching that can be used to build community." The one thing Dwyer forgot to mention is that everyone...

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Buddhist Literary Festival

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Kimberly Beek (Buddhist Fiction Blog) and Suwanda Sugunasiri (Buddhist Council of Canada) are in the process of organizing the first-ever Buddhist Literary Festival for this year’s WORD ON THE STREET festival at Harbourfront in Toronto. They are seeking volunteers to assist in organizing and hosting the event. Press release here:

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Buddhist Compassion Tzu Chi donation

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We are pleased to announce that Sumeru has made a $618 donation to the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of Canada (Toronto branch), on behalf of the many Canadian Buddhist teachers, practitioners, and scholars who contributed to our book Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women. Thank you to these noble bodhisattvas. Thank... Read more »

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