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The Zen Priestess and the Snake in Boulder in November!

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Here's the Boulder Bookstore book launch website: A $5 ticket for this virtual event gets you $5 off the price of the book. And here's their Facebook page for the event: And here's the poster:

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The Zen Priestess and the Snake

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Currently editing The Zen Priestess and the Snake by Ilia Shinko Perez Roshi, due for autumn publication.

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Richard Harrold article on Buddhistdoor website

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Always glad to see the important issues raised by Sumeru authors getting traction on Buddhist websites around the world...

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Glenn Copeland interview

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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Glenn Copeland about his forty-four-year Buddhist practice and his life as a Black, transgender, Canadian artist. Here is that Glenn Copeland interview as it appeared on the Lion's Roar website:

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New LGBTQ Tibetan organization formed

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Ningtam is a worldwide gay-positive organization for LGBTQ Tibetans and their supporters. Their website is and they are on Facebook too at There are several regions set up, including one for the west which has a growing contingent from Toronto. You can join the list as a participant or ally, and I recommend it! I did,... Read more »

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