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Books for National Library of Canada

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Every Sumeru book is available at The National Library of Canada. Here's the latest batch, dropped off there today.

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Richard Harrold article on Buddhistdoor website

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Always glad to see the important issues raised by Sumeru authors getting traction on Buddhist websites around the world...

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Buddha Stuff book excerpt from Bodhisattva 4.0

An excerpt from Bodhisattva 4.0: A Primer for Engaged Buddhists. “This stunning wrist mala bracelet of softly colored, pastel beads is suitable for mantra practice and for wearing as jewelry.” Online store One premise of the book, from which this is an excerpt, is that we live in an exchange economy of designed objects, relationships, and institutions. In this, I have been influenced particularly by two books, The System of Objects, by Jean Baudrillard, and On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection, by Susan Stewart. From this perspective, I have very mixed feelings about companies selling...

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Sharon Suh Interview

Sumeru author Sharon Suh talks with Ted Meissner at The Secular Buddhist Podcast about her book Occupy This Body: A Buddhist Memoir, and about how her Buddhist practice helped her heal from a traumatic childhood of abuse and family secrets. Listen to the podcast here...

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So where did Pali come from?

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There is often some confusion about the relationship between Shakyamuni Buddha's first teachings, Sanskrit and Pali. Here's an article from Bhikkhu Mihita explaining the origins of Pali as the lingua franca of early Buddhism.

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