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Bonnie Sumana Ryan-Fisher on The Secular Buddhist podcast

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Here's an interview with Bonnie Sumana Ryan-Fisher on The Secular Buddhist podcast, episode 293 (May 13, 2018). Bonnie Sumana Ryan-Fisher joins us to speak about her new book Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness, Exercises and Reflections. "When I first heard about secular mindfulness programs like MBSR, I had a judgmental reaction. This isn’t Sati, you can’t condense mindfulness into eight weeks, this is a watering down… all of the usual criticisms from a traditional Buddhist point of view, even though I’m secular. Fortunately, this internal monologue did not go unnoticed, nor did it escape the reality of it being...

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Mindful Moment

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MINDFUL MOMENT 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections Bonnie Sumanā Ryan-Fisher Coming Soon from Sumeru... Here's a sneak peek at one of our first books out for the 2018 catalogue. And the table of contents:

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Buddhist Prison Chaplains needed

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Bridges of Canada Inc. has an opening for a full-time Chaplain to serve Alberta’s provincial correctional centre in Lethbridge. The Chaplain will be responsible for facilitating religious and spiritual services to offenders of all faiths residing in the institution. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum of three years’ experience in a correctional setting, religious services organization,... Read more »

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Canadian Buddhist author breaks internet

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Well, OK, not exactly. But Canadian Buddhist teacher Bonnie Ryan-Fisher, of Whitecourt, AB, did recently make the local papers after a book launch she hosted for the anthology, Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women, published by Sumeru late in 2015. Here, for your reading pleasure are the articles…

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First Nations and Buddhism – Calgary conference address

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Here’s a wonderful video of Dr. Reg Crowshoe of the Blackfoot nation, addressing the World Buddhist Women conference in Calgary (organized by the Jodo Shinshu Temples of Canada) earlier this year. His talk deals with the First Nations perspective on Oneness, which was the theme of this year’s conference. It’s an interesting look at the... Read more »

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