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Jewels, Jewelry, and Other Shiny Things in the Buddhist Imaginary Edited by Vanessa R. Sasson University of Hawai’I Press 2021Hardback: $72.00 / ISBN-13: 9780824887858Paperback: $32.00 / ISBN-13: 9780824889555 12 Chapters, bibliography, contributors, index, colour plates, 380 pages Chapters include: The Emerald Buddha as a Map Jewels of Recognition and Paternity in Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu Traditions Taking Refuge in Jewels Jeweled Renunciation: Reading the Buddha’s Hagiography Are We All Merchants? Buddhists, Merchants, and Mercantilism in Early India “I Don’t Want a Wife without Ear Cuffs”: Jewels, Gender, and the Market among the Newars of Nepal Ornaments of This World: Materiality and Poetics...

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