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From time to time, I get thank you letters from Sumeru authors. Here's the latest... "I’ve said it before, but I will say it again. Thank you. This has been the most productive and enjoyable process with a publisher I have ever encountered.  I truly appreciate your dedication and also your openness to engage, discuss, suggest, and listen." John W. Traphagan, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Professor, Human Dimensions of Organizations, Fellow, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Professorship in Japanese Studies, University of Texas at Austin His book, Embracing Uncertainty: Future Jazz, That 13th Century Buddhist Monk, and the Invention of Cultures is...

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah! Sumeru's gift to you is that we are now North America's largest independent Buddhist movie store, in addition to our book publishing activities, just in time for the holidays. Yes, you can find some of these films elsewhere, mostly at much higher prices from scalpers, but you will not find such a large curated collection anywhere else. I will also freely admit that Amazon will occasionally post ridiculously low prices for these films either as loss leaders to capture market share, or from third-party sellers who may or may not deliver as promised. With Sumeru, you can...

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Dhamma Aboard Evolution, new e-book from Nalanda Publishing

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PRESS RELEASE Oct. 13, 2014 / Nalanda Publishing Canada Dhamma Aboard Evolution: the Breakthrough Research on the Aggañña Sutta by the well-known US Fulbright & Canadian Scholar Prof.  Suwanda H J Sugunasiri The Aggaña Sutta has been characterized by Western scholars as ‘satire’ and ‘parody’. But this research shows how the Buddha is outlining the... Read more »

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Thupten Jinpa on Buddhism, Science and Secularism

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Via Tricycle… An excellent interview with Geshe Thupten Jinpa, translator to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and highly accomplished scholar in his own right, dealing with the intersection of Buddhism, scientific education, and the secularization of meditation/mindfulness. Geshe Jinpa lives in Montreal.

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Buddhist cosmology – Canadian scholar’s view published in Sri Lanka

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Coincident with the publication of the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies, Prof. Suwanda Sugunasiri has published an extract of his 87-page scholarly article about Buddhist cosmology, “Devolution and Evolution in the Agganna Sutta” on LankaWeb. Follow the links for the scholarly and popular articles.

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