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Mindful Eating

Buddhist Psychology Mindfulness Sumeru Books

Here's an article on Mindful Eating from Lion's Roar, by Sharon Suh. Sumeru Books will be publishing her new book, OCCUPY THIS BODY: A Buddhist Memoir, later this year.

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My Buddha Is Pink

LGBTQ Practice! Sumeru Books Theravada

Our next book, My Buddha is Pink: Buddhism for the Modern Homosexual, by Richard Harrold, is almost ready to launch. Look for it on Vesak 2019 (May 19).

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Sumeru donations from 2018 sales

Charity Sumeru Books

Many thanks to our readers, who through their purchases enabled us to make charitable donations from 2018 sales. We have now made donations to: Buddhist Compassion Tzu Chi Foundation Tashi Lhunpo Monastery (in exile) Karuna Shechen Canada

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10th Anniversary Sale coming soon

Sumeru Books

In February 2019, Sumeru will be 10 years old. As part of our celebrations, we have a 10th Anniversary Sale coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Books Buddhism Practice! Sumeru Books

Our latest title, THE WEALTHY BUDDHIST: Buddhist Ethics, Right Livelihood, and the Value of Money, by Rod Burylo, is now available! Click on the red title to see more...

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