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Almost ready to go into production on "Kalyāṇamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care" by Rev. Monica Sanford. This is a great resource for anybody in or considering entering the field of chaplaincy. We're doing it as two volumes. The first volume covers the theory and we hope to have it available in October 2020. The second volume covers practical applications. We hope to have that available in May 2021.

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Mountains and Rivers Sutra reflections

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Dōgen's Mountains and Rivers Sutra has been a central Zen text since its publication in the 13th century. There's a long history here of study and practice. In this latest reflection, SFZC teacher emeritus Zoketsu Norman Fischer's commentary on the sutra is organized as 52 weeks of focused attention by Kuya Minogue, resident teacher at the Creston Zen Centre in British Columbia. Tricycle Magazine recently featured an article about the book, published by Sumeru earlier this year, along with reflections on several other companion books on the same topic. Here's the link:

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Sumeru Author Paul Keddy on the Secular Buddhist Podcast

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Paul Keddy, author of Darwin Meets the Buddha: Reflections on Human Nature, Buddha Nature, Wild Nature was recently interviewed by Ted Meissner at the Secular Buddhist podcast. Here's a link to the audio:

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Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care

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Happily beginning editing and design on Rev. Monica Sanford's new book,  KALYANAMITRA: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care, which will be the 2nd book in our Chaplaincy Training series, along with A THOUSAND HANDS: A Guide to Caring For Your Buddhist Community. Aiming for publication in Autumn 2020.  

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Pyrrho's Way reviewed by Kirkus Reviews

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A charismatic and thoughtful look at the value of Pyrrhonism in the 21st century.

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