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Understanding the Tibetan Buddhist Temple

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I have been working on a book about Vajrayana shrine rooms for some time now. It comprises 158 photographs I took over several sessions at a large Buddhist temple in the Greater Toronto area, annotated by text I am writing to explain the objects featured in each photo. So far, the book is 122 pages, 11 x 8.5, in landscape format, full colour throughout. Once I get the text finished, it will probably run a bit longer. The book is in three parts: I - A Rosary of Precious Offerings to Enrich the Mind (the shrine room, altar and ritual objects)...

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Canadian Buddhism, eh?

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Canadian Buddhism, eh? Well, that's an interesting topic for contemplation. Here's a review of Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women that just came out from Buddhistdoor: As the reviewer, Caitlyn Dwyer, notes...there is a wide variety of topics and styles in the anthology, and no particular ideological agenda. "The volume as a whole feels like a Canadian conversation, with women across the Buddhist spectrum reaching out to peers, offering wisdom, pooling experiences, creating a baseline of storytelling and teaching that can be used to build community." The one thing Dwyer forgot to mention is that everyone...

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The Wealthy Buddhist

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THE WEALTHY BUDDHIST: Right Livelihood, Mindful Money, and Financial Sanity Rod Burylo, CIM, FCIS  We're pleased to announce that Sumeru will be publishing The Wealthy Buddhist in 2018. This important book addresses Right Livelihood with a Buddhist perspective on business and ethics, entrepreneurship, success, wealth and financial management. Rod is well known in the Canadian financial community as an Advisor of the Year Award winner, business author, and media contributor and source for almost 30 years, including CBC radio, and leading print newspapers. Rod has been speaking and teaching internationally for 15 years on a range of topics including alternative investment strategies and professional ethics. He is...

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Beginning Middle Zen

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BEGINNING MIDDLE ZEN: Tales from Canada to Korea and Back Again Glen Shakwon Choi Here's a sneak peek at another Sumeru book out soon for the 2018 catalogue... Think Kim's Convenience, hockey, culture shock in Korea, Zen with the sunims, and a healthy dose of real life. The cover, in progress:   Glen Shakwon Choi is a lifelong Buddhist who holds a Ph.D. in religious studies from the University of Ottawa. His writing has appeared in newspapers and publications in South Korea, the United States, and Canada. He also briefly hosted a television series on Buddhism. Glen's passion is to illustrate Buddhist...

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Mindful Moment

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MINDFUL MOMENT 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections Bonnie Sumanā Ryan-Fisher Coming Soon from Sumeru... Here's a sneak peek at one of our first books out for the 2018 catalogue. And the table of contents:

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