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ONE BELT ONE ROAD: China's Long March Toward 2049 Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese translations in the works. Author Michael Glantz recently interviewed by OBOReurope. (Link to follow)   OCCUPY THIS BODY: A Buddhist Memoir, by Sharon A. Suh Finished second round of edits, cover design underway. Publication in September, 2019   DARWIN MEETS THE BUDDHA: Discourses on human nature, Buddha nature, and wild nature, by Paul A. Keddy First round of edits underway. Publication late in 2019.   PRAJNAPARAMITA AND FOURFOLD DEPENDENT ORIGINATION, by Master Tam Shek-wing First round of edits done. Publication early in 2020.   KALYANAMITRA: A Buddhist Model for...

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THE WEALTHY BUDDHIST book launch Calgary

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The Wealthy Buddhist book launch @ University of Calgary. Free. Details:… Book Launch and Signing: "The Wealthy Buddhist" by Rod BuryloThis event is a seminar led by author Rod Burylo who released his book, “The Wealthy Buddhist”, in January 2019. Rod is a Business Development Manager at RN Croft Financial Group, where he provides education and support to financial services organizations, investment advisors, and clients. He is also the Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship. “The Wealthy Buddhist” discusses the ethical ways of raising capital as an entrepreneur, such as achieving financial success through a livelihood...

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Mindful Eating

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Here's an article on Mindful Eating from Lion's Roar, by Sharon Suh. Sumeru Books will be publishing her new book, OCCUPY THIS BODY: A Buddhist Memoir, later this year.

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My Buddha Is Pink

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Our next book, My Buddha is Pink: Buddhism for the Modern Homosexual, by Richard Harrold, is almost ready to launch. Look for it on Vesak 2019 (May 19).

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Sumeru donations from 2018 sales

Charity Sumeru Books

Many thanks to our readers, who through their purchases enabled us to make charitable donations from 2018 sales. We have now made donations to: Buddhist Compassion Tzu Chi Foundation Tashi Lhunpo Monastery (in exile) Karuna Shechen Canada

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