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Bloom audio book

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Birken Forest Monastery has recorded an audiobook version of Ajahn Sona's Bloom, which you can listen to on YouTube. Chapters will go up through March and April. A wonderful (and free) alternative if you prefer listening rather than reading...

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Jason Siff's New Book

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Jason Siff will publish his next book, comprising three novellas, with Sumeru.

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Richard Harrold article on Buddhistdoor website

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Always glad to see the important issues raised by Sumeru authors getting traction on Buddhist websites around the world...

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So where did Pali come from?

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There is often some confusion about the relationship between Shakyamuni Buddha's first teachings, Sanskrit and Pali. Here's an article from Bhikkhu Mihita explaining the origins of Pali as the lingua franca of early Buddhism.

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Night of the Buddha's Enlightenment - Free PDF

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Bhikkhu Mihita has graciously offered his small book as a free download for those interested in what actually happened on the night that Shakyamuni Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree some 2500 years ago. It is a revised version of Rebirth as Empirical Basis for The Four Noble Truths,  which Sumeru published in 2009. Here is the link to the free download.

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