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Buddhist walking practice

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Sumeru author Innen Ray Parchelo speaks with Ted Meissner of the Secular Buddhist podcast… Chances are if you are on a silent meditation retreat, the primary focus is sitting practice. Not just on retreats, either; sitting has a dominant focus in contemplative practice, interspersed with periods of short walking which seem geared to loosen up... Read more »

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Buddhists Helping Buddhists

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Here’s a review from Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly of A THOUSAND HANDS: A Guide to Caring for Your Buddhist Community, edited by Nathan Jishin Michon and Daniel Clarkson Fisher (Sumeru, 2016). Buddhists Helping Buddhists  

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HH Karmapa Toronto Public Talk

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His Holiness the 17th Karmapa will give a free public talk Mindfulness and Environmental Responsibility at Convocation Hall, U of T, on the afternoon of May 31, 2017 Here is the link for further information:

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A THOUSAND HANDS reviews in Tricycle and Buddhadharma Quarterly

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We have received notice that the summer issues of Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly will be reviewing A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for Your Buddhist Community, edited by Nathan Jishin Michon and Daniel Clarkson Fisher. Look for them soon!

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Tricycle letter to the editor

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Tricycle letter to the editor… When Tricycle did a round-up of the growth of Buddhism in North America for their 25th anniversary issue this past Fall 2016, the giant map was completely empty, north of the 49th parallel (not counting Alaska). As a Canadian, that upset me enough to write them a letter, which, I... Read more »

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