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Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations update

Buddhism in Canada Sumeru Temples Volunteering

The Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations ( needs updating. I would like to ensure that all temple contacts are accurate and that all descriptions of activities are complete. The last major update was completed 5 years ago (although I have made any changes I was told about, since then). Since there are more than 580 Buddhist temples, zendos, viharas, charities, etc. (a great cause for celebration if you ask me), it would be impractical for me to contact everyone individually. As a result, I am asking each of you, dear readers, to check the listings for your local Buddhist...

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Sumeru has a major upgrade coming soon

Books Publishing Publishing in a digital world Sumeru Sumeru Books

Sumeru has a major upgrade coming soon: we are leaving WordPress and moving to Shopify. The platform is much more robust and secure, faster, and offers a cleaner design that is better suited to a book publishing business. Two especially important features for us are the addition of reliable e-commerce on our site and on... Read more »

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Sumeru has moved!

Ottawa Sumeru Sumeru Books

Sumeru has moved. We’re now located in Ottawa. The last two months have been consumed with the relocation, but we’re starting to gear up again with new projects. Details to follow shortly… Our new contact information: The Sumeru Press, Inc. 301 Bayrose Drive, Suite 402 Nepean, ON K2J 5W3 613-878-3362 E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter remain... Read more »

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Buddhistdoor profiles Sumeru

Books Buddhism Buddhism in Canada Sumeru Sumeru Books

The Sumeru Press was recently profiled on the Buddhistdoor website, thanks to an interview with Justin Whitaker. Here’s a link to the article…

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Buddhist walking practice

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Sumeru author Innen Ray Parchelo speaks with Ted Meissner of the Secular Buddhist podcast… Chances are if you are on a silent meditation retreat, the primary focus is sitting practice. Not just on retreats, either; sitting has a dominant focus in contemplative practice, interspersed with periods of short walking which seem geared to loosen up... Read more »

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