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Ottawa Sand Mandala event

Dance Music Nyingma Ottawa Tibet Vajrayana

There will be an Ottawa Sand Mandala event on October 11-13 at City Hall. Here is the poster (which I designed).

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Sand Mandala 2018 Ottawa

Art Buddhism in Canada Dance Events Initiation Nyingma Ottawa Visiting Teachers

Sand Mandala 2018 - Echoes of the Sacred October 11-14 (Save the date - Preliminary announcement) We are pleased to announce that His Holiness along with Vajra master Khenchen Tsewang and the monks of the Palyul Namdroling monastery will demonstrate the sacred ritual art of the creation and dissolution of a sand mandala dedicated to the deities of wisdom compassion. This 4 day event will also include ritual initiation ceremonies, a fund-raising bazaar, Tibetan food, masked Lama dances, and a performance of sacred music and chants from the Tibetan ritual called Chöd ("Cutting through the ego"). Please check the website

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah

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Happy Buddhist Christmakkah! Sumeru's gift to you is that we are now North America's largest independent Buddhist movie store, in addition to our book publishing activities, just in time for the holidays. Yes, you can find some of these films elsewhere, mostly at much higher prices from scalpers, but you will not find such a large curated collection anywhere else. I will also freely admit that Amazon will occasionally post ridiculously low prices for these films either as loss leaders to capture market share, or from third-party sellers who may or may not deliver as promised. With Sumeru, you can...

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Women Liberated – a Buddhist dance production for International Women’s Day

Art Buddhism in Canada Dance Events Theravada Toronto Women

Via JK Dance Company… 14 February 2015 Dear Friends, To celebrate one of the most important dates for humanity – on March 8th, 20015 – International Woman’s Day, Janak Khendry Dance Company’s is presenting its outstanding dance work “WOMEN LIBERATED”, a dance-drama based on Buddhism. This dance work, based on the Buddhist scripture Therigatha –... Read more »

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Victoria dancer Nath Keo inspired by Buddhism

Art Buddhism in Canada Cambodia Dance Events Victoria

Sacred Centre Dance presents: SAMSARA McPherson Playhouse September 7 at 8:00PM *Tickets are $23.00 Inspired by choreographer Nath Keo’s year as a Buddhist monk in Cambodia, this unique choreography explores the cycles of birth, love, sickness, suffering, death and re-birth as understood through Buddhism. In his most personal work to date, Nath Keo showcases a... Read more »

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