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Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford has just sent me the table of contents for volume II of her Buddhist chaplaincy textbook, Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care. We are aiming for editing to be completed in June, which means it will be published this summer, 2021! Here's what will be inside:

Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care
Volume II: Praxis Table of Contents
Dedication / Acknowledgements / Introduction


Chapter 1: Pragmatic Skills for Every Context          
Not Being Present        
Being Present in Meditation & Daily Life          
Being Present in Spiritual Care 
Being Present for Yourself: Reflexivity 
Listening & Responding           
Not Listening   
Responding Appropriately        
Responding to Difficulty          
Empathy & Compassion           
On Being Open-Hearted
Four Divine Abodes     
Empathic Contagion, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma, & Compassion Fatigue           
Empathic Connection & Compassion Satisfaction          
Spiritual Assessment    
Christian & Jewish Models       
Psychological & Medical Models          
Buddhist Models          
Creating Your Own Model       
Charting & Note-Keeping         
Personal & Professional Boundaries      
Transference, Countertransference, & Transgression      
Healthy Boundaries at Work & Home   
Making Effective Referrals       
Spiritual Leadership     
How to Be a Good Follower     
Models for Leadership  
Spiritual Authority in Spiritual Care      
Spiritual Humility in Empowering Leaders        
Conclusion & Reflection          
Chapter 2: Pragmatic Skills for Particular Contexts  
Ritual & Prayer
Types of Prayer
Ritual Theory in Brief  
Private Rituals & Prayers          
Public Rituals & Prayers           
For Nurturing the Chaplain       
Interreligious Competencies      
Not-Knowing & Beginner’s Mind         
Knowing & Responsible Learning         
Personal Inter-religious Dialogue          
Commonalities & Idiosyncrasies           
Cultural Competencies 
Your Assumptions & Biases     
Other People’s Assumption & Biases    
Cultural Humility in Spiritual Care        
Educating Oneself & Asking Others      
Power, Privilege, & Difference 
Working with Your Privilege    
Working with Other’s Privilege
Working with Your Oppression
Working with Other’s Oppression         
Practical Psychology for Chaplains       
Buddhist Psychology    
Modern Theories of Human Development         
Human Flourishing & Positive Psychology        
Common Human Problems       
Pathology & A Chaplains’ Scope of Care          
Conclusion & Reflection          
Chapter 3: Becoming a Buddhist Chaplain    
Spiritual Formation      
By the Time You Turn Ten       
Buddhist Paths 
Becoming a Chaplain   
Sharing Your Story with Others
Your Noble Eightfold Path       
Moral Discipline          
Articulating Your Paradigm for Care     
Why Paradigms
What Paradigms           
Finding Your Paradigm
Making Your Paradigm
Wisdom for Compassion          
Chaplaincy as Path       
Use of Self & Non-Self in Spiritual Care
Skillful Means in Inter-Religious Care   
The Power of Vows      
Education & Training   
Selecting a Degree Program      
Certificates & Non-degree Programs     
Clinical Pastoral Education       
Professional Formation 
Job Seeking & Employment      
Standards of Professional Practice         
Board Certification       
Finding Your Professional Home (by Sector)     
Negotiating Working Conditions           
Conclusion & Reflection          
Chapter 4: Developing a Field of Buddhist Chaplaincy          
Buddhist “Practical Theology”  
Osmer Meets Shakyamuni        
Dwelling on “Theology”           
Recapitulating the Four Truths & Three Prajñās 
On Being Wrong          
Buddhist Spiritual Care as an Academic Field    
The Field So Far          
Christian Hegemony in the Academy    
Religious Studies, “Theology,” & the Scholar-Practitioner          
The Need for Research 
Buddhist Chaplaincy as a Profession     
The Profession so Far   
Christian Hegemony in the Profession   
Overcoming Isolation & Fragmentation 
Building a Buddhist Chaplains Network
Buddhist Diversity Shaping the Field    
“Mindfulness” Is Everywhere   
Alternatives to Theo-centrism   
Racism & Sexism within Buddhism      
On Teaching, Managing, & Leading “Up”         
Conclusion & Reflection          

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