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Sumeru books use environmentally sustainable paper

Eco Action Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues Sumeru Books

We're planning to publish some new books with an environmental focus, and the authors asked if our printer, Lightning Source, uses environmentally sustainable certified papers. I contacted the various paper suppliers, and the answer is yes, they are both FSC, SFI and CoC certified. That made me happy. Here are what those certifications look like, for one of the suppliers... And from another...

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Please start the clock again on my 15 minutes of fame

Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues Practice! Sumeru Books

In which I'm profiled along with illustrious Zen teachers.

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Ajahn Sona off the grid

Buddhism in Canada Eco Action Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues

My latest column for Buddhistdoor Global...

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Sumeru Author Paul Keddy on the Secular Buddhist Podcast

Animals Buddhism of the Future Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues Secular Buddhism Social Action Sumeru Books

Paul Keddy, author of Darwin Meets the Buddha: Reflections on Human Nature, Buddha Nature, Wild Nature was recently interviewed by Ted Meissner at the Secular Buddhist podcast. Here's a link to the audio:

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Teaching the Buddhism of the Future, Not the Past

Buddhism in Canada Buddhism of the Future Buddhist community Chaplaincy Conferences Eco Action Education Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues Practice!

Here's a video of my talk at the New Paths in Teaching Buddhist Studies conference at the R.N. Ho Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto. The event was held in February 2020, just before the pandemic was announced. Ironically, my talk begins with a bit about how bad we are about predicting the future! The Centre's YouTube channel also has videos from 11 other speakers from the event.

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