Buddhist Thanksgiving Gala UofT fundraiser

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You are invited to a Buddhist Thanksgiving Gala – a Fundraiser for Fellowship and Scholarship Funds in applied Buddhist studies at the University of Toronto.

Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada(Poster)The Fellowship Fund will go to support a Fellowship in Psychiatry and Applied Buddhism (appointed to the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine and the Applied Buddhist Studies Initiative at Emmanuel College). The Scholarship Fund will go to support needy and high potential students to study in the new Master of Pastoral Studies (MPS) Program and the Diploma in Buddhist Mindfulness and Mental Health.

A clinical research psychiatry fellowship will be created to encourage graduating psychiatrists to do research in how the Buddhist teachings may inform clinical work in psychiatry and Buddhist chaplaincy. He/she will learn contemporaneously from a supervisor who is a professor in psychiatry and a supervisor who is a professor in Buddhism.

As Mindfulness is spreading across western society, it has been promoted primarily as a western invention based on scientific research even though the ideas and the practice came from the Buddhist traditions and Asian Buddhist teachers, and of course the Buddha himself. We hope this interdisciplinary Fellowship in Psychiatry and Applied Buddhism will help put Buddhism back in the Mindfulness map through the publication of high quality research and by employing a cross-cultural perspective to demonstrate the universality of the Buddhist teachings without the need to dissociate “western Mindfulness” from its source which is Buddhism itself.

The new MPS program was made possible by the establishment of the Shi Wu De Professorship at Emmanuel College. The Scholarship Fund will assist Buddhist students in the program who wish to pursue a career in professional chaplaincy in hospitals, senior homes, prisons and also in religious organizations. Assistance will also be offered to students in the Diploma program who are considering a career change.

Date of Thanksgiving Celebration: October 12, 2015 (Monday)

Time: 5:30 pm Reception; 6:30 pm Vegetarian Banquet

Place: Casa Deluz Banquet Hall, 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Unit 107, Scarborough

Tickets: $100 per person; $60 charitable receipt will be issued.

I hope you will join us to support this worthy cause. You may reserve tickets from me by email: wisdom.tor@rogers.com
Look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you there.

With best regards,

Chris Ng
Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada

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