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Here’s what coming with new books from Sumeru…

9781896559261-Perfect.inddCypress Trees in the Garden: The Second Generation of Zen Teaching in America, by Richard Bryan McDaniel, should be available by the end of September. The proof has been approved and we’re just waiting for bookstores to pick up the metadata feed. Book details here.


9781896559247-Perfect.inddNatural Awakening: An Advanced Guide for Sharing Nondual Awareness, by Peter Fenner, Ph.D., is at the printer. We’re just waiting to approve the proof. It should be available in a few weeks. Book details here.


Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women is the title for our new anthology, edited by Tanya McGinnity. We’re just polishing up the cover and it should be available in October. Book details here.

The Driftwood Shrine: Discovering Zen in American Poetry, by Gendo John Wolff Sensei, is in editing. Look for it next year. Book details here.

Incognito: A Novel of Alexandra-David Neel, by Dianne Harke, is in editing. Look for it next year. Book details here.


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