Buddhist Hospice Care?

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As my mother used to say: “Old age ain’t for wimps.” Now that baby boomers are entering their golden years, how to practice the Dharma as a senior and how to hang on to a Sangha have become more widely pondered issues.

We recently received the following request, in that light, and are seeking advice from you, dear reader. Please help the writer with your suggestions, using the comment box on this post. Thank you…

Dear Sumeru!

I hope all is well. I had an enquiry from an old friend, searching for Tibetan Buddhist Hospice care, hopefully in the Hamilton area, or Toronto.

I’m not entirely sure whether she wants a residential hospice, or a day hospice at the moment, as I don’t know how advanced her cancer has progressed. Anyway, if you have any lists of individuals or institutions I would be most grateful.

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