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Tibetans in Quebec

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When a small group of Tibetans arrived in Montreal in 1971, they were the first non-European immigrants ever admitted into Canada. They established a community in Longueuil and began the long process of making a home in a new land. My friend Louis Cormier, who has been a dear and trusted partner to that community... Read more »

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Vancouver Temples, 1973

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In 1972, Kalu Rinpoche came to Canada and stayed with us at the Montreal Zen Centre for a few months. In the winter of 1973, he went on to Vancouver to inaugurate a centre to be run by Lama Tsewang Gyurme on Heather Street. We (about 15 of us) followed a couple of months later,... Read more »

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Welcome to Sumeru

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A Rosary of Precious Offerings to Enrich the Mind

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