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The Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations ( needs updating. I would like to ensure that all temple contacts are accurate and that all descriptions of activities are complete. The last major update was completed 5 years ago (although I have made any changes I was told about, since then).

Since there are more than 580 Buddhist temples, zendos, viharas, charities, etc. (a great cause for celebration if you ask me), it would be impractical for me to contact everyone individually.

As a result, I am asking each of you, dear readers, to check the listings for your local Buddhist organizations and let me know of any needed updates.

I have heard repeatedly from many people that this directory is a wonderful resource, but it can only continue to be so if it is updated regularly. My hope is that all organizations see that value and take it upon themselves to keep their information current.

On a separate but related note:

Technology has evolved considerably in the past 5 years, and the functionality available for directories has expanded. I would like to upgrade this Wordpress site with a specialized directory theme incorporating features such as a Google Maps API, photos, reviews, and more social media options.

Such a theme costs several hundred dollars. Financial assistance to cover that cost would be appreciated.

The work of setting up the parameters for the new content management system, importing and formatting all the existing data, adding the new features, etc. is extensive.

When I set up the directory in 2009, I was fortunate to have a graduate student from Ryerson University assist me as their Masters degree thesis project.

When I conducted the first national survey of Canadian Buddhist organizations in 2012, it was with generous assistance from the University of Toronto, who provided logistical support, funds, and a research associate.

Now I am putting the word out: if you know of a university or college student for whom this would be an appropriate project, please have them contact me. If a member of your organization has IT skills and would like to volunteer on a project of value for Buddhists across the country, please have them contact me. I am happy to supervise, but I need help because it is a big project. These associates do not need to be here in Ottawa where I work. All of it can be done in cyberspace.

Thank you.

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