New LGBTQ Tibetan organization formed

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Ningtam is a worldwide gay-positive organization for LGBTQ Tibetans and their supporters.

Their website is and they are on Facebook too at

There are several regions set up, including one for the west which has a growing contingent from Toronto.

You can join the list as a participant or ally, and I recommend it!

I did, and here’s the kind response I got:

Thank you so much for your kind support.  At this time we are only publicizing Tibetan names, as otherwise the list would grow unmanageably long :).  We hope to eventually use the Tibetan names on Ningtam’s list as a means to encourage dialogue among Tibetans on this topic.
We know at some point we will have ideas for ways non-Tibetan friends can support Ningtam.  In the meantime thank you again for your support!

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