Women Liberated – a Buddhist dance production for International Women’s Day

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14 February 2015

Dear Friends,

Women-Liberated-Mar-2014-smTo celebrate one of the most important dates for humanity – on March 8th, 20015 – International Woman’s Day, Janak Khendry Dance Company’s is presenting its outstanding dance work “WOMEN LIBERATED”, a dance-drama based on Buddhism.

This dance work, based on the Buddhist scripture Therigatha – Songs Of The Enlightened Women – was created in 2000 with scholarly guidance of a very important Buddhist scholar Dr. Naren Wagle, Professor Emeritus – University of Toronto – Department of South Asian Studies and was presented at the Hart House Theatre, University of Toronto. The presentation was very favourably received by the public.

The Liberation of Women was a very important occurrence in Buddhism during Buddha’s life. After Buddha achieved enlightenment and started the Sangha (Order), all the members were MEN. Women were not permitted to join the Sangha. Several years later, at the request and insistence of Buddha’s foster mother Maha Pajapati Gotami, the women were allowed to join. When some of the women achieved enlightenment they spontaneously recited songs in praise of Buddha (Therigatha). For our presentation we have selected the songs of six women that represent the entire women hood – Mother, Wife, Court dancer, a Mother who experiences the death of her child, Married Woman who gave all her possessions to her family and they threw her out of the house and an Unmarried Girl. The creation of WOMEN LIBERATED – for Janak Khendry Dance Company – was an act of service to Buddhism.

Janak Khendry Dance Company – a charitable non-profit organization – was started in New York in 1978 and moved to Toronto in 1979. The Company is dedicated to creating rare, unique, outstanding and philosophical dance expressions that have a universal message. We have been digging deep into the ancient Indian scriptures to create dance works because in these scriptures one finds universal messages. Some of the works created are: Gayatri; Panchkalyanaka – from the life of Mahavir; Sthulibhadra and Kosha; Upanishad; Ganga; Kaal-Time and our recent master work, John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Our next two creations for 2015 and 2016 will be “Immortality” and “Power, Peace and Progress”.

Our further aim is to develop mutual understanding, harmony and appreciation between the people of India and Canada. The Company is internationally renowned and has a high profile with international audiences, dance circles and the media. We travel abroad as cultural ambassadors of Canada and India with the support of the embassies of both countries. We propagate the diversity and unity of both countries.

In our production, we very proudly present ten of our company’s brilliant and dedicated dancers bringing the Songs of Liberation to life.

As all non-profit and charitable organizations run on a very tight budget – our Company is in the same predicament. For every new presentation we have to seek outside help. We do have some very dedicated friends who believe in our creativity and always stand by us. For our current presentation honouring INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY we would like to request your financial assistance. Please have a look at the enclosed Donor Benefits List. We look forward to your favourable reply in contributing to this very important project.

Donations can be made to: Janak Khendry Dance Company via cheque to the address below, or through Canada Helps online payment form:

Besides a donation, please consider attending the presentation on March 8th, 2015 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto at 7:00 PM. Advanced tickets can be purchased online at a very reasonable rate with special pricing for Women:


Janak K. Khendry
Artistic Director
436 Dufferin Street – Toronto – M6K 2A3 – Ontario
Telephone: 416 – 530-2889
Email: dance@jkdanceco.org Website: www.jkdanceco.org

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