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New Paths in Teaching Buddhist Studies conference wrap-up

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Videos of the presentations from the New Paths in Teaching Buddhist Studies conference hosted by the Ho Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto will be available in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, I was asked by the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies to write up a brief report on the panel, "Complicating Meditation in the Classroom," in which I was one of the presenters. Here it is:

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New Buddhistdoor column

Buddhism around the World Buddhism of the Future Engaged Buddhism Practice!

In 2020, will be running a series of 12 columns on Green Buddhism, based on adaptations of topics from my recent book, Bodhisattva 4.0: A Primer for Engaged Buddhists. Here's the first one -- click on the green link: HAPPINESS. Here's to a healthy planet for 2020 and beyond. I'll be writing one per month throughout the year, and will post links here too.

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