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Kalyanamitra volume II contents

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Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford has just sent me the table of contents for volume II of her Buddhist chaplaincy textbook, Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care. We are aiming for editing to be completed in June, which means it will be published this summer, 2021! Here's what will be inside: Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual CareVolume II: Praxis Table of ContentsDedication / Acknowledgements / Introduction   Chapter 1: Pragmatic Skills for Every Context           Presence          Not Being Present        Being Present in Meditation & Daily Life          Being Present in Spiritual Care Being Present for Yourself: Reflexivity Listening & Responding           Not Listening   Listening         Responding Appropriately        Responding to Difficulty          Empathy & Compassion           On Being Open-HeartedFour Divine Abodes     Empathic...

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Sumeru Author Paul Keddy on the Secular Buddhist Podcast

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Paul Keddy, author of Darwin Meets the Buddha: Reflections on Human Nature, Buddha Nature, Wild Nature was recently interviewed by Ted Meissner at the Secular Buddhist podcast. Here's a link to the audio:

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Games and Buddhist Practice

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My latest column for Buddhist Door Global.

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Teaching the Buddhism of the Future, Not the Past

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Here's a video of my talk at the New Paths in Teaching Buddhist Studies conference at the R.N. Ho Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Toronto. The event was held in February 2020, just before the pandemic was announced. Ironically, my talk begins with a bit about how bad we are about predicting the future! The Centre's YouTube channel also has videos from 11 other speakers from the event.

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Kalyanamitra: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care

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Happily beginning editing and design on Rev. Monica Sanford's new book,  KALYANAMITRA: A Model for Buddhist Spiritual Care, which will be the 2nd book in our Chaplaincy Training series, along with A THOUSAND HANDS: A Guide to Caring For Your Buddhist Community. Aiming for publication in Autumn 2020.  

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