Engaged Buddhism in Japan

Engaged Buddhism Japan Sumeru Books

Sumeru is pleased to announce we will be publishing Jonathan S. Watts' upcoming two volume work,

Engaged Buddhism in Japan
Volume 1: An Engaged Buddhist History of Japan from Its Origins to the Dawn of the 21st Century
Volume II: Buddhist Social Engagement in Japan in the 21st Century

Jonathan S. Watts graduated with a BA in religious studies from Princeton University in 1989 and an MA in human sciences from the Saybrook Institute in 2002. He has been a researcher at the Jodo Shu Research Institute in Tokyo since 1999 and the International Buddhist Exchange Center since 2005.

He has also been an associate professor of Buddhist studies at Keio University, Tokyo, and has been on the executive board of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) since 2003.

He has coauthored and edited Never Die Alone: Birth as Death in Pure Land BuddhismRethinking Karma: The Dharma of Social Justice; and This Precious Life: Buddhist Tsunami Relief, and Anti-Nuclear Activism in Post 3/11 Japan.

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