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Shark Fin Ban

Animals Buddhism in Canada

A number of Canadian cities have enacted or are considering bans on the sale of shark fins, joining more than 90 countries around the world who already support this initiative. We wholeheartedly encourage them to stop needlessly and brutally killing tens of millions of sharks each year. Our fragile oceans cannot maintain their balance without... Read more »

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The Tiger and the Monk

Animals Buddhism around the World TV

Equator HD is offering a free preview of several programs on Rogers Cable right now, in the On Demand section. One of the shows is an interesting look at Thailand’s famous Tiger Temple, where the monks and caregivers co-exist peacefully with 10 tigers and thousands of other wild animals. Here is how the Equator HD... Read more »

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Joe Yee Vegetarian Cuisine

Animals Buddhism in Canada Toronto

It’s always delightful when a new Chinese Buddhist vegetarian restaurant opens. The lastest in my neighbourhood is Joe Yee Vegetarian Cuisine at 9688 Leslie Street, Units 17-18, in Richmond Hill. It’s between 16th Avenue and Major Mackenzie, in the small mall on the corner of Greenhill Avenue. The food is refined, the menu offers lots... Read more »

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Animals Buddhism around the World

It is with great sadness that we report the imminent death of 500,000+ animals in the Gadhi Mai Mela sacrifice in Nepal later this month. This “festival” which takes place every five years, is the largest animal sacrifice on the planet. Requests by Palden Dorje, a young Tamang yogi from the Bari district of Nepal... Read more »

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First Frost

Animals Dharma poems

Canadian geese Among the water lilies Only just for now Karma Yönten Gyatso, Richmond Hill 2009 A Sumeru poem

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