The Tiger and the Monk

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Equator HD is offering a free preview of several programs on Rogers Cable right now, in the On Demand section. One of the shows is an interesting look at Thailand’s famous Tiger Temple, where the monks and caregivers co-exist peacefully with 10 tigers and thousands of other wild animals.

Here is how the Equator HD website describes the 51-minute program, which was originally made in 2007:

The Tiger and the Monk

Wat Pa Luangta Bua is a monastery of meditation about 200km west of Bangkok. Buddhist monks take their ten tigers for a walk on a leash every day. They celebrate them as their most sacred animals and while they cuddle and play with the cubs, they treat the grown-up animals with respect.

Tigers are one of the most endangered species in the world. Each of the few monks living in the monastery, which was declared a tiger reserve by the Thai government, takes care of one tiger, and since 2 tiger cubs took refuge in this isolated temple in 1998 their number has grown to ten.

This documentary portrays the harmonious relationship between humans and predators without disregarding the monks’ maxim that a tiger will always be a tiger. Even if it feeds from the hand- it will always be a wild animal.

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