Richard Bryan McDaniel signs with The Sumeru Press for two Zen books

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We are pleased to announce that Richard Bryan McDaniel has signed with The Sumeru Press to publish his next two books:

The Third Step East: Zen Masters of America (Spring  2015) and
Cypress Trees in the Garden: The Second Generation of Zen Teaching in America (Autumn 2015).

Rick’s first two Zen books, The First Step East: Zen Masters of China and The Second Step East: Zen Masters of Japan, were published by Tuttle.

In The Third Step East: Zen Masters of America, he continues the journey with stories of the Zen pioneers who brought the teachings to North America: D. T. Suzuki, Nyogen Senzaki, Sokei-an and Ruth Fuller Sasaki, “Beat” Zen, Alan Watts, Robert Aitken, Shunryu Suzuki, Soen Nakagawa and Eido Tai Shimano, Taizan Maezumi, Walter Nowick, Philip Kapleau, and Dainin Katagiri.

Cypress Trees in the Garden: The Second Generation of Zen Teaching in America takes a different approach, comprising extensive interviews with America’s leading Zen teachers today. Here is the proposed table of contents:

Prologue – Zen Mountain Monastery

1. Three Abbots [San Francisco Zen Center]
— a. Blanche Hartman
— b. Steve Stucky
— c. Mel Weitsman
2. Three Oshos [Joshu Sasaki]
— a. Myokyo McLean
— b. Seiju Mammoser
— c. Yoshin Radin
3. Shinge Sherry Chayat [Eido Shimano lineage]
4. Genjo Marinello
5. Eshu Martin
6. Shodo Harada and Enso House
7. Three Sanbo Zen Teachers
— a. Elaine MacInnes
— b. Patrick Gallagher
— c. Henry Shukman
8. John Tarrant [Aitken-Tarrant lineage]
9. Joan Sutherland
10. James Ford
11. Three Boundless Way Teachers
— a. Melissa Blacker
— b. David Rynick
— c. Josh Bartok
12. Bernard Tetsugen Glassman [Maezumi Lineage]
13. John Daido Loori
14. Konrad Ryushin Marchaj
15. Jan Chozen Bays
16. Gerry Shishin Wick
17. Two Catholic Priests
— a. Robert Kennedy
— b. Kevin Hunt
18. Bodhin Kjolhede [Kapleau lineage]
19. Sunyana Graef
20. Taigen Henderson
21. Mitra Bishop
22. Albert Low
23. Three at the Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry
— a. Toni Packer
— b. Wayne Coger
— c. Sandra González
24. Dosho Port [Katagiri lineage]
25. Two Teachers in the Kwan Um School of Zen [Korean Zen]
— a. Bobby Rhodes
— b. Richard Shrobe
26. Three at Blue Cliff [Vietnamese Zen]
— a. Brother Phap Vu
— b. Brother Phap Man
— c. Sister Dang Nghiem

Epilogue – Two Zendos in Maine
— a. Great Tides Zen
— b. Morgan Bay Zendo

Rick McDanielRick McDaniel taught at the University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University before working in International Development and Fair Trade with the YMCA. He is the creator of the YMCA Peace Medallion. Dr. McDaniel has described himself as a Roman Catholic by birth and heritage and a Zen practitioner by nature and temperament. His previous books are Zen Masters of China: The First Step East and Zen Masters of Japan: The Second Step East.

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