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Untitled-3Flowers on the Rock: Global and Local Buddhisms in Canada
Edited by John S. Harding,  Victor Sogen Hori and  Alexander Soucy
Analyzing the dramatic growth of Buddhism in Canada in global and historical contexts.

When Sasaki Sokei-an founded his First Zen Institute of North America in 1930 he suggested that bringing Zen Buddhism to America was like “holding a lotus against a rock and waiting for it to set down roots.” Today, Buddhism is part of the cultural and religious mainstream.Flowers on the Rock examines the dramatic growth of Buddhism in Canada and questions some of the underlying assumptions about how this tradition has changed in the West. Using historical, ethnographic, and biographical approaches, contributors illuminate local expressions of Buddhism found throughout Canada and relate the growth of Buddhism in Canada to global networks. A global perspective allows the volume to overcome the stereotype that Asia and the West are in opposition to each other and recognizes the continuities between Buddhist movements in Asia and the West that are shaped by the same influences of modernity and globalization.

Flowers on the Rock studies the fascinating and ingenious changes, inflections, and adaptations that Buddhists make when they set down roots in a local culture. It is essential reading for anyone interested in Buddhism, religious life in Canada, and the broader issues of multiculturalism and immigration.

Contributors include Michihiro Ama (University of Alaska), D. Mitra Barua (University of Saskatchewan), Paul Crowe (Simon Fraser University), Melissa Anne-Marie Curley (University of Iowa), Mavis Fenn (University of Waterloo), Kory Goldberg (Champlain College), Sarah F. Haynes (Western Illinois University), Jackie Larm (University of Edinburgh), Paul McIvor (independent), James Placzek (University of British Columbia), and Angela Sumegi (Carleton University).

472 Pages
13 b&w photos
ISBN 9780773543379
August 2014
Formats: Cloth ($100), Paperback ($29.95), eBook

Table of Contents

Conventions vii
Acknowledgments xi
Illustrations xiii
Introduction 3
John S. Harding, Victor So gen Hori, and Alexander Soucy
1 Buddhist Globalism and the Search for Canadian Buddhism 25 Alexander Soucy

Part One: Taking Root
2 Flying Sparks: Dissension among the Early Shin Buddhists in Canada 55 Michihiro Ama
3 For the Benefit of Many: S.N. Goenka’s Vipassana Meditation Movement in Canada 79 Kory Goldberg
4 Sitavana: The Theravada Forest Tradition in British Columbia 101 James Placzek
5 Making a Traditional Buddhist Monastery on Richmond’s Highway to Heaven 129 Jackie Larm
6 Dharma on the Move: Vancouver Buddhist Communities and Multiculturalism 150 Paul Crowe
7 Buddhist Monasticism in Canada: Sex and Celibacy 173 Victor Sogen Hori

Part Two: Communicating the Buddhadharma
8 Teaching Buddhism to Children: The Evolving Sri Lankan Buddhist Tradition in Multicultural Toronto 201 D. Mitra Barua
9 Reflections on a Canadian Buddhist Death Ritual 225 Angela Sumegi
10 Buddhist Prison Outreach in Canada: Legitimating a Minority Faith 245 Paul McIvor
11 Correspondence School: Canada, Fluxus, and Zen 267 Melissa Anne-Marie Curley
12 Shaping Images of Tibet: Negotiating the Diaspora through Ritual, Art, and Film 287 Sarah F. Haynes

Part Three: Buddhist Lives
13 Dhammadinna and Jayanta: Daughters of the Buddha in Canada 313 Mavis L. Fenn
14 Th?y Ph? T?nh: A Vietnamese Nun’s Struggles in Canada 333 Alexander Soucy
15 Leslie Kawamura: Nothing to Add, Nothing to Take Away 355 John S. Harding

Bibliography 385
Contributors 421
Index 427

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