Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction vs Buddhism in Macleans magazine

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Canada’s weekly news magazine, Macleans, has just published an article exploring the tension between mindfulness based stress reduction vs Buddhism, under the title “Mindfulness goes corporate – and purists aren’t pleased.

In the article, author Anne Kingston discusses the secular Buddhism notion from the perspective of its everyday proponents, from hospitals and corporate America to the military, and from the perspective of Buddhist teachers such as David Loy and Stephen Batchelor.

The article also makes reference to a new Canadian magazine on the subject of mindfulness, aptly titled Mindful, published in Halifax. A quick check of their “About Us” page reveals their address is exactly the same as the Shambhala Sun (in the next office down the hall), but no formal connection between the two magazines is indicated. Halifax is a small town, but is it really that small? More on that fascinating topic in another post.

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