Mindfulness-based Addiction Recovery Training at ITM

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8 Step Recovery
Mindfulness-based Addiction Recovery training
Become an MBAR trainer

ESR_FINALsmaller_copyMay 1-3, 2015 Institute of Traditional Medicine
MBAR is a mindfulness-based approach to preventing relapse and promoting recovery from addiction.

The course was developed by co-authors of Eight Step Recovery – Dr Paramabandhu Groves and Valerie Mason-John. The course has been shared in community settings for over a decade can be taught to those recovering from addictions in 6-8 weeks.

Valerie Mason-John, facilitator and mentor for this training, is an award winning author of several plays and 8 books including: Detox Your Heart – Working with Anger/fear/hatred as well as being co-author of Eight Step Recovery – Using the Buddhas teachings to overcome addiction. She is a TEDx speaker, the Chair of the Vancouver Buddhist Centre, and pioneer of Recovery Mondays in Vancouver City, and across the USA and UK.

Email for an information package: info@itmworld.org or call (416) 537-0928

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