Diploma in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Training at ITM

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be81a61b-1eaf-498c-b71f-f8aa150fa850Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science & Institute of Traditional Medicine

Diploma & Certificate Programs in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Mindfulness beginning April 2015

Gain access to pioneers and world leaders in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Mindfulness including Daniel Siegel, Sharon Salzberg, Miles Neale, Robert Thurman, Richard Davidson, Pilar Jennings, Joe Loizzo, without leaving Toronto. Whether you are a Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Health Professional, Coach or Educator, or interested in pursuing a career as a Psychotherapist, the Nalanda Certificate Program provides you with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to weave the full spectrum of contemplative insights and skills, together with current neuro-psychology and psychotherapy, into the daily fabric of your professional practice and personal life.
Graduates of our program are leading the way in developing the most innovative and effective Mindfulness-Based Trainings & Programs, and Clinical Practices across Canada. Deepen your abilities and skills in Mindfulness Studies, Teaching, Clinical Practice and Leadership.
One of the most comprehensive trainings in contemplative science, neuroscience, psychotherapy, Buddhism and mindfulness available. 1 Year Certificate, 2 Year Diploma with Supervised Clinical Studies.

for additional info:
Institute of Traditional Medicine | 553 Queen St. W. 2nd fl.
Toronto, ON, M5V 2B6
info@itmworld.org (416) 537-0928
*ITM is currently working to have the 2 year Diploma Program reviewed and recognized by the Transitional Council – College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. (CRPO)

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