Mahavihara Meditation Retreat

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Based on the URAGA SUTTA (Eradication of defilements)
11-day meditation retreat will be conducted at Toronto Mahavihara
from Thursday the 29th of April to Sunday the 9th of May, 2010
starting daily at 9.00am and terminating at 7.00pm.

The retreat will be conducted by the head of the NISSARANA VANAYA MEDITATION CENTRE IN MITIRIGALA, SRI LANKA: Ven. Uda Iriyagama Dhammajeeva Thero.

This is a very rare opportunity for the residents of GTA Buddhist Community to participate in a meditation retreat under the guidance of a renowned Meditation Master. Please do not miss it.

For further information please contact
Mallika Karunaratne – (905) 508-3666
Latha Mendis – (905) 814-9588
Indra Gunapalan – (416) 443-3334
Upali Weerapura- (416) 609-8627

The location of the Toronto Mahavihara and how to get there, is available at this website.

NOTE: Organisers have arranged meals for all yogis on certain days. The availability of meals will be announced on the previous day. Please arrive at the Mahavihara atleast by 8.45am and gather in the hall, maintaning noble silence. Voluntary Donations towards the travel expenses of the Teacher and use of the Mahavihara facilities will be most welcome.

Ven. Uda Iriyagama Dhammajiva Thero, a student of Ven. Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma, is the current head of the Nissarana Hermitage, a monastery in the strict forest tradition following strict standards of discipline.  For information about Ven. Uda Iriyagama Dhammajiva Thero  and Nissarana Vanaya, please visit:

With Mettha. Toronto Mahavihara. 17 April 2010

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