Jyekundo Earthquake Relief

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The severe earthquake on April 14, 2010 was centred in Yushu Township, Qinghai Province, in China. The area is more than 95% Tibetan, but under direct Chinese control. Jyekundo, the main town,  is also spelled Kyigundo and Jiegu in the media. CBC Radio has run a number of stories on the air, focusing on local Canadian efforts in the Tibetan and Chinese communities (sadly, not coordinated) to provide some relief, and on the Chinese government’s efforts to provide relief in the face of allegations about using the event as a propaganda show.

Putting those issues aside, the fact remains that the people of Jyekundo need nelp, even if we here are suffering from earthquake news fatigue. Here are several organization organizing relief assistance. I’ll post others as I hear of them.




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