Linda Hochstetler on the Social Work Me podcast



On Episode 27, Social Worker/Psychotherapist and Author Linda Hochstetler joined the show to talk about her new book 21 Days to Die: The Canadian Guide to End-of-Life as well as a wide range of topics surrounding death and dying. 

On this episode we cover:
• Linda’s path in Social Work
• Personal Experiences with death 
• Death cafes (CBC Article)
• Eastern vs. Western views/culture around death 
• Role of social workers at end-of-life
• Importance of planning around death
• Mysticism surrounding death
• Alternative and complementary therapies
• Role and benefits of volunteering in Hospice
• Grief Counselling vs. Grief Therapy
• Recommended therapy modalities and theories 
• Case example: fear of death
• Ways to support and not support those who are grieving
• Tips for new social workers wanting to get into this area
• Tips for managing, preventing, mitigating burnout and vicarious trauma

They had more than 200 downloads within 24 hours after posting, a record for them.

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