Applying Mindfulness in Dealing with Difficult Thoughts and Emotions

Buddhist Psychology Toronto Workshop

The Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism is happy to announce our upcoming program :

Buddhist Mindfulness Psycho-education (on-line) Program:
Applying Mindfulness in Dealing with Difficult Thoughts and Emotions
for young adults & college students under 30 
4 Saturdays: Feb 19 – Mar 12, 2022, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
This program will begin with exploring what participants consider as stress, as well as what the Buddha and western sciences say about stress. We will then delve into some Buddhist approaches for dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions. A key Buddhist practice is mindfulness. The program will introduce some foundational knowledge in Buddhism addressing topics such as the relationship between ethics and mindfulness and the nature of mind and consciousness that are important for mindfulness practice. Participants will learn and practise how mindfulness can be applied in daily life when facing stress, or when experiencing difficult emotions and thoughts. Some exercises from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy will also be introduced. Interactive discussions will be encouraged. Participants are expected to turn on their Zoom video.
Co-facilitated by members of our Buddhist counselling team: 
The program will be co-facilitated by:
Glen Choi MA. PhD and Michael Dougan MEd, MA, RP
Glen teaches cross-cultural psychology and religion at Seneca College. A lifelong Buddhist, he received a Ph.D. in Religious Studies (“Buddhism in the West”) from the University of Ottawa and an M.A. in Seon (Zen) Studies from Dongguk University in Seoul. Glen also hosted a 12-part OMNI TV documentary series on Buddhism in Canada called “Path to Enlightenment”.
Michael is a Registered Psychotherapist. He has worked in community mental health care, post-secondary, and private practice contexts. Michael is passionate about applications of contemplative practices in counselling and in education.
Limited spots available. Please send completed application form:
to to register by Feb 16, 2022.
$25 Early Bird Registration Fee (before Feb 12, 2022)
$35 Registration Fee (by Feb 16, 2022)
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