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Here’s an update from Sensei Fredrich Ulrich of the Manitoba Buddhist Temple, concerning airings of the Journey into Buddhism TV series on Joy TV in Winnipeg and Vancouver…

They are a series of 18 programs about Buddhism. Presently they are shown at 5pm Saturdays on JoyTV, Winnipeg time. They are also being shown in Vancouver as well. After the series is over they will be shown at various times depending on program needs. Some of the older programs from a previous series are being used as ‘fillers’ for early morning times, like 4am. These shows will be re-cycled in cyber space. That is why it is necessary to check the JoyTV schedule frequently. You can google the title Journey into Buddhism or my name and the times come up. Joy is using the programs according to thier program needs so it is sometimes unpredictable,especially at the local levels. I am in Winnipeg so the times I am aware of are for that location.

But if you do catch one of the programs, send JoyTV an email of support. They consider one email to represent 100 people.

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