International Buddhist Day, April 8

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We recently received the following e-mail…

11021239_464603250355841_4570515784850943427_nDear Venerable Abbots, Abbesses and Temple Representatives,

The Global Buddhist Summit, represented by 41 countries from five continents and held in Japan last December, has recognized April 8 as International Buddhist Day. I have represented Canada to this Summit as an officially appointed Canadian Representative of Buddhism. The summit hopes that April 8 as International Buddhist Day will be recognized as an official holiday by governments around the world, on a par with Christmas, Yom Kippur, Eid and Kwanza. The summit has asked us all to have a celebration in our local area and document it so that they can lobby various governments.

We would like to celebrate the first annual International Buddhist Day on Wednesday April 8 at 7pm at the West End Budhdist Temple and Meditation Centre located at 3133 Cawthra Road, Mississauga. At this point, we envision a short blessings chanting by Venerable Monks and Nuns, meditation, followed by some VIP speeches and then refreshments and a group photo. We would like to invite you to this salient moment.

Thanking you in advance.
Reverend Dr. Bhante Saranapala, PhD
Vice Abbot of the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre
Representative of Buddhism from Canada to the World Buddhist Summit
Buddhist Chaplain, University of Toronto
3133 Cawthra Road
Mississauga, ON
L5A 2X4

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