HH Sakya Trizin adds Vancouver to Canada 2011 tour

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HH Sakya Trizin will bestow the
Vajrakilaya Empowerment and Teachings
Vancouver, BC
August 19-20, 2011

“Of the profound and inexhaustible ocean of teachings that Guru Padmasambhava possessed, Vajrakilaya is one of the most important. Its empowerment, teachings and pith instructions were given to one of his most important spiritual disciples, Khön Nagendra Rakshita (Lü’i Wangpo Sungwa), who then practised it until he achieved both ordinary and supreme siddhis. As a sign of his great attainment, he managed to display the great miracle of keeping his vajra and bell suspended in space. Guru Padmasambhava himself declared that Nagendra Rakshita had attained the eighth stage of the great bodhisattva path…” His Holiness Sakya Trizin

For information and registration, please visit:

Sakya Tsechen Thubten Ling
5231 Maple Road, Richmond, BC, V7E 1G2
E-Mail: vancouver.vajrakilaya@gmail.com

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