Duc Quang Vietnamese Buddhist Temple rebuilding in London, ON

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The Duc Quang Buddhist Temple in London, Ontario, was originally housed in the old Presbyterian Church building (built in 1910) on Hamilton Street, which had been decommissioned in 1995. However, in 2012 the building had developed structural problems and had to be torn down. Here’s an article about that, by Debora Van Brenk in the London Free Press (June 20, 2012): Longtime spiritual home comes down

According to her article, the Buddhist congregation planned to rebuild on the same location, and so I e-mailed her this morning to see if that had come to pass. Here’s what she told me: “Thanks for your email. The community is building a new temple on the site of the old Presbyterian church there. The site was inactive for several months but construction began late last fall and continues. The walls and roof are up, and exterior brickwork has begun. Not sure when they expect to complete the temple, but it’s proceeded quite quickly of late. Hope that helps.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the new temple design!

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