Divination and Healing by Venerable Chödpa Lama Rinpoche in Calgary in January 2015

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Ven. Chodpa LamaRinpoche will be in Calgary in January 2015 at His Calgary centre, Machig Ling Calgary. To book an appointment with Rinpoche for divination/healing, please contact Dechen Namdrol at dechen.namdrol@machigling.ca or call 403-710-1413

There are only two spots left for the empowerment, transmission and teachings on Chöd on Jan 10. The rest of the time he will do divination or healing for people, by appointment.

Venerable Chödpa Lama Rinpoche was born to a family of Ngagpa Lineage and Mo Masters. This illustrious Ngagpa lineage and “the ancient practice of Juthig Mo” divination is solely directed by Ven. Yogi Kalsang Rinpoche, the father of Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche. Yogi Kalsang Rinpoche attained his insight and wisdom as a recognized Tibetan healer through devotion to meditation, years of practice, retreat, and experience with this unique method of Juthig Mo divination and

Ven Chödpa Lama Rinpoche uses the shorter version of Juthig Mo with six string knots. The full version has 100 string knots, but that lineage has been lost. Centuries ago, when Ling Gesar Gyalpo asked Moma Dung Go Chen (Tibetan Divination Master) about how to subdue Ho Gurkar (the enemy of Ling Gesar), the divination master performed this same ancient practice of Juthig Mo divination.

Ven. Chödpa Lama’s grandfather, Chadral Pema Gyurme was also a highly accomplished Naljorpa Tibetan Yogin, Chödpa, and Mo Divination master. The term “Chadral” is a title of respect given to a person who lives a meditative life of renunciation high in the holy mountains of Tibet. Chadral Pema Gyurme’s consort, also known as Lingzama, is from the Ling family. Thus, Ven. Chödpa Lama’s inheritance includes an historic and proven method of both formal meditation practices, Juthig Mo Divination, and Healing.

Ven. Chödpa Lama’s earliest memories include the practice of Chöd, the ancient practice of Juthig Mo Divination and healing. In addition to this immersion in the technique and method of divination, Venerable Chödpa Lama Rinpoche was ordained as a Monk in the Drikung Kagyu monastic lineage at the age of six. Rinpoche received all the main and important teachings of the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages during many years at the monastery. Rinpoche received his first Chöd empowerment and teachings from Ven. Yogi Kalsang Rinpoche, and Rinchen Terzod transmission by late H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche received formal meditation instruction, various practices and retreat guidance, and also received the heart teachings of his father. His father, Yogi Kalsang Rinpoche further also taught him specific healing techniques and practices known only in the family lineage.

As per the Tibetan tradition, Ven. Chödpa Lama spent many years at his father’s side, learning and performing the actual practices of Juthig Mo Divination and Chöd practice. In 1990 Rinpoche completed a retreat on this particular Juthig Mo Divination System, and officially began to practice as a healer. These foundational years of Chöd practice, the practice of Juthig Mo divination, retreat, and formal meditation training, fused to create a highly enriched method which shapes Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche’s capacity as both a healer and divination master.

After completing formal monastic studies, Chödpa Lama Rinpoche went to live as a yogi, married and began family life. At that time, Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche began to travel to the U.S. and Canada and eventually settled with his family in Canada in 1999. Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche has lived life in service to the public. As a result of this open-hearted enthusiasm for the Juthig Mo as a healing and divination method, Chödpa Lama Rinpoche has helped people all over the world.

In 2005 Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche was sent by H.H. 17th Gyalwa Karmapa to study Chöd under the most precious one, Very Ven. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche. Since then Ven. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche became the Root Guru of Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche and he received many teachings on Chöd practice and completed many retreats under Rinpoche’s guidance until 2012.

Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche did the 100 days retreat on Tsoggya (Zhag Gya Tsog Gya ) under the guidance of Ven. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche at the 3 year retreat centre at Benchen in Yangleshod. Yangleshod is the great power place where the Second Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava, subdued gods, spirits and demons in Nepal.

In 2006, Ven. Chödpa Lama Rinpoche did a retreat in the Cemetery of Tashiding. Tashiding, in Sikkim India, is known as one of the most secret and holiest places. HH. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche has called Tashiding “Zangdog Palri” (the pure land of Guru Rinpoche). In this cemetery, many people have seen the owner of the cemetery, skeletons, and many others spirits.

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