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Immersion with Dr. Miles Neale

Exploring Contemplative Psychotherapy
Friday, June 21, 7-9 pm, $20 (no fee if registered for weekend)

In this evening’s talk Miles will share insights from his personal journey over the last 17 years studying Buddhism and psychology. He will discuss the defining characteristics of contemplative psychotherapy, what these diverse traditions have to offer one another, and what their integration looks likes in clinical practice.
• Visualization
• What Buddhism and Western Psychology Offer Each Other
• Dr. Miles Neale’s Approach to Contemplative Psychotherapy
• Q&A

The Neuroscience of Attunement & Integration
Saturday, June 22, 10-5 pm

Saturday’s workshop takes a sobering look at the impact of early childhood trauma on the developing mind and brain and their ensuing influence on adult functioning and relationships. Participants will learn basic neuroscience to help navigate their own and others nervous systems as well as how meditation and psychotherapy each contribute to greater emotional attunement and neural integration.

The Buddhist Arts of Self-Healing & Transformation
Sunday, June 23, 10-5 pm

Sunday’s workshop demystifies the Buddhist science of karmic action and selflessness and reveals the Buddhist arts of transformation comprised of discriminating wisdom, meditative equipoise and ethical action. Participants will learn how to break free of unconscious cycles of stress and trauma and access their natural openness and compassion.

Fee: $275 plus HST. If paid by June 10: $225 plus HST


 Dr. Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and Assistant Director of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. Combining contemporary psychotherapy with the science and techniques of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Dr. Neale provides the conceptual maps, practical skills and emotional support that lead to optimal health and happiness. Miles embarked on a course of professional training that included study at the mind/body institutes at Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell while earning a Master’s degree in meditation research from New York University’s Gallatin Program and a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the California Institute for Integral Studies. To complement his Western expertise, Miles also trained in the tradition of the Dalai Lamas under the guidance of some of the most respected American Buddhist scholars and Tibetan meditation masters of the twenty-first century. Currently, Miles maintains a private psychotherapy practice in New York City, teaches courses on the Indo-Tibetan tradition and together with his wife Dr. Emily Wolf, offers destination meditation retreats around the world. He is honored to share the spiritual journey towards healing and happiness.

553 Queen St. W. 2nd Fl. Tor, ON. M5V 2B6

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