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Via Paul Crowe, Director at the David Lam Centre, SFU

Dear members of the Canadian community of Buddhist scholars and friends outside Canada:

As some of you may know, the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies has been published for ten years. As of yesterday CJBS 10 is on-line. Over the decade twenty-three scholars published articles and ten submitted book reviews. The current editor, Suwanda Sugunasiri, is stepping down from his work on this journal; a decision is needed regarding its future. More than that, it concerns the possibility of forging better communication and research networks and cooperation in support of graduate student opportunities.

On December 10, 2014 a meeting was convened at the University of Victoria to consider whether or not the CJBS should continue. Attendees were:
Victor Sōgen Hori (McGill)
Alexander Soucy (St. Mary’s U.)
John Harding (U. Lethbridge)
Martin Adam (U.Vic)
Paul Crowe (SFU).
Please read the attached meeting notes.

Since the meeting in Victoria, comments have been received from:
James Benn (McMaster)
Jessica Main (UBC)
Jinhua Chen (UBC).

The consensus so far is that the CJBS should continue but with strong recommendations that it be transformed and expanded in fundamental ways. The CJBS should serve Canadian and international scholars, including graduate students, in ways that support research-networking, and graduate student opportunities in addition to providing a forum for publication.

This email is intended to move us forward by opening discussion to Buddhist scholars across Canada and to colleagues working outside Canada who have had some connection with the journal.

Brief On-line Survey:
In order to quickly gauge interest in supporting CJBS, and possibly a society of Canadian Buddhist scholars, five questions are posed in a survey that can take as little as two minutes to complete (follow this link to the survey). More detailed comments are welcomed through e-mail but please keep in mind that there are more than eighty scholars on this mail-list; concision would be helpful.
Thank you for giving this some thought. If you know of others who should be added to this list please let me know.
Paul Crowe

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