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I recently discovered Amita’s website:

She is based in British Columbia and a registered clinical counsellor. Here’s what she says on her “About me” page…

I am a Buddhist integrative psychotherapist. I offer:

  • telephone and online counselling and psychotherapy
  • online and residential courses
  • corporate services

Most of my clients are based in Canada, the US and the UK, though I have clients in many countries, from Spain to Afghanistan.

I am:

I have an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy (distinction). For my graduate research I focused on Buddhism, psychotherapy and the treatment of depression. This research became the source material for my first book – The Buddhist Way Through Depression: A Guide for Therapists – which will soon be available.

I write articles on issues relating to the integration of Buddhism and Western psychotherapy, including for the BCACC magazine.

I bring Buddhist and psychotherapeutic tools into the workplace to help organisations function well.

I have been a practising Buddhist for 20 years.

If you think I can help, contact me for a free initial consultation.


In fact, her e-book IS NOW AVAILABLE, on the Amazon Kindle website: The Buddhist Way Through Depression: A Guide for Therapists

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