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New book by Jeff Wilson coming

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I'm delighted to announce that Sumeru will be publishing Jeff Wilson's upcoming book: Living Nembutsu Applying Shinran’s Radically Engaged Buddhism in Life and Society Publication planned for Spring 2023.

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Rural Canadian Buddhist Centre environmental profiles

Buddhism in Canada Eco Action Environmental Issues Sumeru Temples

On the directory of Canadian Buddhist organizations, you will be starting to see an additional field being added: ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE. For starters, I'm just going to add how many acres each rural centre's property comprises. This will be one small step forward in doing environmental audits on them. My ultimate goal is to share best practices from these organizations. Here is one example of what that might look like:

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Updated Canadian Wholesale Shipping Info

Buddhism in Canada Sumeru Books

Attention Canadian Buddhist centres: Based on current Canada Post shipping prices, I can ship boxes anywhere in Canada with quick service, trackable for $21 (Small) = 2 - 8 books depending on their size $26.50 (Medium) = 4 - 20 books depending on their size $34 (Large) = I should be so lucky you need a box this big! Canada Post is on the verge of raising rates on their pre-paid flat ship cross-country boxes. The books themselves are available to you at wholesale (50% discount) or less in the case of some books. Please let your centre management team...

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Engaged Buddhism in Japan

Engaged Buddhism Japan Sumeru Books

Sumeru is pleased to announce we will be publishing Jonathan S. Watts' upcoming two volume work, Engaged Buddhism in JapanVolume 1: An Engaged Buddhist History of Japan from Its Origins to the Dawn of the 21st CenturyVolume II: Buddhist Social Engagement in Japan in the 21st Century Jonathan S. Watts graduated with a BA in religious studies from Princeton University in 1989 and an MA in human sciences from the Saybrook Institute in 2002. He has been a researcher at the Jodo Shu Research Institute in Tokyo since 1999 and the International Buddhist Exchange Center since 2005. He has also been an associate...

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The Buddhist Center Environmental Action Plan Toolkit

Eco Action Engaged Buddhism Environmental Issues

Buddhistdoor Global recently hosted a two-day online conference on environmental issues, Buddhist Voices in the Climate Crisis. As one of the sponsors, my presentation was about the free Buddhist Center Environmental Action Plan Toolkit that Sumeru published several years ago. You can view my presentation here: And of course, you are welcome to watch the entire conference proceedings as well, posted in the same place!

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