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Sumeru joins Buddhist webring

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Find us on the Buddhist Blog webring… Powered by WebRing. This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit Here.

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Sumeru grows again

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We are pleased to announce our expansion with three new domains: The sites are currently under construction and will manifest shortly. OM SVABHAVA-SHUDDHAH SARVADHARMAH SVABHAVA-SHUDDHO HAM

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Toronto Maha Vihara burns

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Arsonists broke into the Toronto Maha Vihara Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple early in the morning of May 16 and set fire to the wooden structure, which was recently constructed with donations from the community. This follows similar attacks in recent weeks on Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples in Paris and London. Damage was said to be... Read more »

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Buddhist Studies @ UofT expands

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New College at the University of Toronto has just received a large endowment pledge from the Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada, to develop and sustain a program in “Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health.” This is an important step forward for Buddhist Studies in Canada! Read the press release here:

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Canadians helping abroad 2

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If you know Canadian Buddhists helping abroad, let us know at The Sumeru Press. We would love to promote these initiatives on the Sumeru website. Conrad Richter, owner of Richter’s Herbs north of Toronto, has been managing Gaden Relief with a dedicated team of volunteers for many years. Their community development work has raised more... Read more »

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