www.canadianbuddhism.info gets an overhaul

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Well, overhaul is perhaps an exaggeration! We’re updating our database at www.canadianbuddhism.info and contacting as many of Canada’s 480+ Buddhist organizations as we can to verify their listing information. We want to keep track of everybody who’s moved, changed a phone number or contact name, revised their public programs, etc. If you have noticed any glitches on the directory, please let us know too. We admit to a few typos here and there from flailing fingers.

We are also introducing a new enhancement to the directory – including pictures of the centres (outside and inside). So if you are reading this and you are associated with one of Canada’s Buddhist temples, please e-mail us up to three (3) pictures of your centre. Outside, main practice hall and shrine are preferred.

Also, if you have a basic listing (Centre name and contact info) and would like to add details about your organization and programs, that is also available.

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