WILD GEESE: Buddhism in Canada

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Wild Geese: Buddhism in CanadaPublished by McGill Queens University Press
Edited by John S. Harding, Victor Sogen Hori, and Alexander Soucy
The most comprehensive study of Buddhism in Canada to date

McGill-Queen’s University Press

Paper (0773536671) 9780773536678   /   CA $29.95, US $29.95
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6×9, 464pp, 14 b&w photos

FROM THE PUBLISHER: Buddhism has been practiced in Canada for more than a century and in recent years has grown dramatically. Immigrant communities construct temples in Canada’s urban centres, the Dalai Lama is one of the world’s most recognizable figures, and Buddhist ideas and practices such as meditation, vegetarianism, and non-violence are increasingly a part of mainstream culture. More native-born Canadians are turning to Buddhism now than ever before.

The most comprehensive study of Buddhism in Canada to date, Wild Geese offers a history of the religion’s evolution in Canada, surveys the diverse communities and beliefs of Canadian Buddhists, and presents biographies of Buddhist leaders. The essays cover a broad range of topics, including Chinese, Tibetan, Lao, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese Buddhisms, critical reflections on Buddhism in the West, census data on the growth of the religion, and analysis of the global context for the growth of Buddhism in Canada. Presenting a sweeping portrait of a crucial part of the multicultural mosaic, Wild Geese is essential reading for anyone interested in religious life in Canada.


  • How Do We Study Buddhism in Canada? Victorso Genhori
  • Asian Reformers, Global Organizations: An Exploration of the Possibility of a “Canadian Buddhism” Alexander Soucy

  • Looking East: Japanese Canadians and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, 1905–1970 Terry Watada
  • Buddhism after the Seventies Henry Shui
  • Buddhism in Canada: A Statistical Overview from Canadian Censuses, 1981–2001 Peter Beyer

  • Jodo Shinshu in Southern Alberta: From Rural Raymond to Amalgamation John S . Harding
  • That Luang: The Journey and Relocation of Lao Buddhism to Canada Marybeth White
  • Transforming Ordinary Life: Turning to Zen Buddhism in Toronto Patricia Q . Campbell
  • The Woodenfish Program: Fo Guang Shan, Canadian Youth, and a New Generation of Buddhist Missionaries Lina Verchery
  • Shambhala International: The Golden Sun of the Great East Lynn P. Eldershaw

  • Globalization and Modern Transformation of Chinese Buddhism in Three Chinese Temples in Eastern Canada Tannie Liu
  • The Tzu Chi Merit Society from Taiwan to Canada André La Liberté & Manuel Litalien
  • A Relationship of Reciprocity: Globalization, Skilful Means, and Tibetan Buddhism in Canada Sarah F. Haynes

  • Albert Low: A Quest for a Truthful Life Mauro Peressini
  • Suwanda H.J. Sugunasiri: Buddhist Victorso Genhori & Janet McLellan
  • John S. Harding is an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Lethbridge.
    Victor Sogen Hori is an associate professor in the Department of Japanese Religions at McGill University and a former Rinzai monk.
    Alexander Soucy is an associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Saint Mary’s University.

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