Who is Dicki Chhoyang?

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She’s a Tibetan Canadian from Montréal, who is a new minister (Kalon) in the 15th Tibetan Government in Exile.

Here’s a brief 6-minute English video she made to explain her background, while running for that position:

And here’s a brief description about her from an article introducing all the new ministers, taken from an article in The Tibetan Review, about Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay’s new Cabinet:

Dicki Chhoyang (Minister for the Department of Information & International Relations (DIIR))

Chhoyang is a surprise choice, though not the biggest surprise.  Her choice as a Kalon may, perhaps, have had to do with Sangay’s election campaign to have at least two women Kalons, besides the fact that Chhoyang ancestrally hails from Amdo province, a case of one stone killing two birds. 

Her lack of experience, both as a politician and as an administrator, and also her lack of in-depth practical knowledge of Dharamsala politics, the Tibet Support Group movement, or the day-to-day lives of Tibetans living in India, Nepal and Bhutan are big drawbacks.  As the Kalon for DIIR, it remains an open question whether her Tibetan language skills are strong enough to serve her daily at the level required to manage a government organization. 

On the plus side, she is relatively young, energetic, and has a proven enthusiasm to work for the cause.  Chhoyang’s upbringing in the West may give her a different perspective and hence a new angle in diplomacy, information dissemination, and even possible restructuring of the existing media channels under DIIR. 

Her experience living in Tibet and briefly in Beijing could prove invaluable, as will her working knowledge of Chinese.  Her fluency in English and French are also big plusses for the lead diplomat of the Central Tibetan Administration.  If Chhoyang proves to be a quick learner in administration and in speaking professional Tibetan, she may prove to be a very successful DIIR Kalon.  She is someone to watch closely.
And here is a link to her campaign website, which explains her background, vision and issue focus, as well as a variety of other resources: http://www.dickichhoyang.org/bio

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