Western Buddhists in Toronto needed for research/book

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Research on Western Buddhists in Toronto

My name is Glen Choi and I’m currently a doctoral student at the University of Ottawa who is researching the ways in which our respective cultures shape the way we perceive and practice Buddhism.

I have interviewed many Korean Buddhists to better understand the “Eastern” cultural approach to Buddhism. As a comparison, I would like to interview via e-mail questionnaire non-Asian Buddhist practitioners to better understand the “Western” approach to Buddhism. I am very curious to see whether there are any differences as well as similarities! I would like to use the information I gather for not only my doctoral dissertation, but also for a book that I hope to publish in the near future that explores these cross-cultural issues.

Having said that,

If :

  • you are between 18 and 40 years old;
  • both your parents are of non-Asian descent;
  • you have lived/currently live in Toronto, Canada;
  • you either self-identify as Buddhist OR engage in some form of Buddhist practice without necessarily self-identifying as Buddhist

I would like to invite you to participate in an e-mail questionnaire about how your cultural background influences the way you lead your religious and/or spiritual life in Canada. The questionnaire will be sent at a time and date in September 2012 convenient to the participants.

If you would be interested in taking part in this research project or you would like more information about it, please let me know.

In Dharma,
Glen Choi
Email: gchoi011@uottawa.ca

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