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   We're pleased to introduce the new Sumeru Books site on the Shopify platform, which will give us a host of great new features to serve you better. For starters, we now offer fully secure e-commerce. You can now purchase from us directly as well as from the 3000+ online book stores who already represent us. You'll also find pages load faster (which is always nice).

In addition to infrastructure, we have a few other new developments in the works...

Buddhist films are coming soon! We have been busy forging relationships with a broad range of motion picture distributors around the world, to bring you the best collection of Buddhist movies  (both documentaries feature films), and we expect to go live with that over the next two months.

New books in the pipeline for 2018! We are currently working on five books we hope to publish in the coming year:

  • A collection of mindfulness exercises and reflections, arranged as a 52-week workbook.
  • A scholarly work on Nagarjuna's teachings about Tathagatagarbha and Fourfold Dependent Origination.
  • A memoir about growing up as a Korean-Canadian Buddhist.
  • Two books on LGBTQ2 issues from a Buddhist perspective.

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